We are all individual souls on our own journey of life, expressing and experiencing what life has to offer, but surely there must be other people on a similar journey. As each incarnation commences we have a pre-set concept of what we would want to experience and based on the current opportunities on this planet other souls will also like to take a similar opportunity to us based on their own journey. There are so many varied experiences available at the moment, we have a large amount of souls all wanting to join in and share the journey of life. Similar to when we were at school we all had friends and even though we belonged to a group we didn’t always get on with all the people in the same class.

There are 3 main groups of souls, “The Fixers” “The Doers” “The Healers” all 3 groups are important on this planet based on our structure of society, things just wouldn’t work the same if nobody fixed things, or any one did things, or anyone healed things. Each category of this group is vital. It is possible that during our life we might swap from category to category till we find out which one suit us best, but our overriding feeling will always be aligned to one category. How do we know which category we are currently in?

“The Fixers” will always be on the look out to fix things that seem to them that are broken regardless if they are working or not, will always try to help other people to fix their life, will have a garage full of things that are not working or a wardrobe full of clothes that they don’t want to dispose of, will have a strong opinion, will normally be part of a charity or social groups, will only associate with other “fixers”, typically not have friends just people they know and be well educated with a broad level of knowledge. We would be in significant trouble as a planet without “The fixers” This category represents about 40% of the population.

“The Doers” will always have lots of things on the go, have a large group of friends, will always be doing something regardless of its importance, go to sleep late, be opinionated, great organizers, normally tell other people what to do and will always justify their course to suit their reality. The perfect job for a doer is one that allows total control, has authority, ability to self-plan and requires a lot of commitment. Things just wouldn’t get done in life without “The Doers” This category represents about 40% of the population.

“The healers” will always be the compassionate ones, always wanting to help, be softly spoken, always walk away from a fight, have a strong interest in the Metapsychical, always consider the needs of others before their own needs, deny their own ability’s, will probably try to be a doer or fixer in life till they realize that it is not them. Have sleepless nights, wake up during sleep hours, speak through their hearts, and be attracted to animals and small children. The world needs healers without them we would not survive. This category represents about 20% of the population. It is important to understand that each category is important and our world needs all three.

It is also possible to be a part of the three category’s above, but the overriding energy will never change. You can be a doer in life trying to fix things, or a fixer trying to heal things or perhaps a healer doing lots of things that need fixing. Regardless we all have one overriding signature and eventually we will find out which one we are. For the record most of you that are reading this are Healers having a healthy interest in the metapsychical world!

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