Brisbane Psychic David Richard

David has been interested in the metaphysical world since a young age. Even though at the age of eight the metaphysical world was an unknown but he could understand what the natural process was. This awareness continued throughout his teenage years. From the age of 14, his thirst for knowledge of metaphysics became his passion. He began studying and reading about the metaphysical world.

At the age of 27 he attended psychic schools and workshops developing his skills and understanding of the metaphysical world. In 2002,   he had two near death experiences in one day which turned into the most remarkable event of his life. It provided him the most important chapter in his life’s journey of understanding spirit. It allowed him, with enhanced ability, to communicate with spirit with astounding clarity. During his personal life’s journey David’s psychic abilities have developed to enable accurate and directional psychic readings and to experience spirit communication with precise accuracy.

Why is a personal consultation with David Richard unique?

David’s abilities are truly unique as he does not require any tools (like cards) during the reading process. His ability’s include clairsentience: the ability to feel; clairaudience: the ability to hear; and clairvoyance: the ability to see; using your metaphysical energy to accurately forecast future events. David’s communication process with loved ones in spirit is precise and direct. It is specifically being drawn to the relevant people allowing accurate information and messages from the other side.

Why is a consultation with David Richard recommended?

David is one of Brisbane’s best known psychic mediums having regularly appeared on radio, a columnist in Australian magazines and a speaker at holistic events. His metaphysical abilities have been thoroughly tested by external media groups and ranked as one of the most accurate psychics in Australia. David’s offers Shows, seminars and workshops on metaphysical topics throughout the year which sell out well in advance providing clarity, understanding and healing. David does not use any tools like cards to perform a reading, only his natural psychic abilities.

David’s life work is focused on providing proof of life’s continuum through accurate mediumship abilities, providing clarity, understanding for your life’s journey and removing fear based thoughts about the metaphysical world.

david richard