Believe Create Experience Clarity Purpose Direction Life is a Continuum Evolve Through Awareness & Understanding


We are open and accepting bookings during Covid-19 restrictions

To ensure that we follow strict government distancing guidelines I am offering consultations via Zoom, Skype, facetime, mobile telephone or International landline numbers. 

Brisbane Psychic Medium  David Richard

Are you feeling confused & uncertain about your future?

You are craving to find clarity, purpose and direction. You hold the answers to your journey within your heart & soul but at times you might feel confused.

My passion is to help you find your truth through psychic insights & soul awareness, giving you the tools to help understand your current situation, gain clarity about your future, embrace your destiny and create what you choose to achieve unlocking your true potential.

Is life is a Continuum?

Your life is a continuum, through your soul, you never die but simply change form.
The deep relationship  & love we share with loved ones passed joins us together for eternity in the continuum of life. Like a conduit to the spirit world the emphasis of my work is to relay messages from your loved ones in spirit sharing insight, understanding, healing and providing proof of life’s continuum.

Can I evolve through Awareness & Understanding ?

Your life has purpose; you are here for a reason.
You are psychic. You are spirit. You hold within all the tools and wisdom of the metaphysical world.
Through hands-on workshops, eye opening seminars, heart felt mediumship shows and one-on-one soul work consultations I can help you achieve clarity about your life purpose and create the outcomes you choose in your life.

Who is Brisbane Psychic David Richard?

David is one of Brisbane’s best known psychic mediums in Brisbane and metaphysical teacher, having regularly appeared on radio, a columnist in Australian magazines and a speaker at holistic events. His metaphysical abilities have been thoroughly tested by external media groups and ranked as one of the most accurate psychics in Australia. David’s offers Shows, seminars and workshops throughout the year which sell out well in advance providing clarity, understanding and healing. David does not use any tools like cards to perform a reading, only his natural psychic abilities.