Many of us believe in Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides, and that we are provided with a guide in a spirit form to help us in numerous ways throughout our lives. For many years, despite having an open mind, I could not visualise or connect with my own guide.
It took a near death experience, where I was clinically dead for almost 11 minutes to finally meet my own Spirit Guides.

During these 11 minutes of ‘death’, I was in total amazement with the pure beauty of where I ‘travelled’ to, an incredible feeling of weightlessness, vast array of colours, the total sense of peace and a strong sense of being part of a total consciousness which I can only describe as being ‘home’. I was in total awe with whom and what I had become or perhaps who I truly was, I was starting to realise the true magnificence of the soul.

I was too busy exploring my new surroundings and experiencing a total sense of joy, after all it had being some time since I was here last and I needed to familiarise myself with my new surroundings. I felt a presence just to my right, curious I approached what I would describe two shapeless energy forms, a total sense of friendship and happiness surrounded me like seeing an old friend once more, someone that I knew from a long time ago, the voiceless voice I had heard so many times before. Then I realised who they are, my own spirit guides had come to say hello. Numerous conversations took place without one word spoken, images and feelings were used as the communication platform, which strangely allowed for more complex and sophisticated messages to be conveyed than simple words could achieve. This exchange with my spirit guides was truly life changing allowing me to understand a complete new perspective of life and the mystical journeys that lay ahead. It revealed to me that we are never alone and just a thought is what connects us to our own Spirit Guardians.

A guardian source provides us with insights and understandings through feelings and intuition, helping us to make that ‘right decision’ and giving us the courage to understand who we truly are. These guardians are never doing the work for us but simply walking the path with us like a tour guide in a foreign country pointing out the best locations to visit and continuously reminding us of our journey and who we are, an incredible being on a mystical journey called life.

It took a near death experience to ‘wake me up’ but I now understand that it’s our own thoughts and beliefs that hold us back connecting to a greater source, the Guardian energy that all of us share. All it takes is an open mind and a willing heart.

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