A Walk on the Light Side

Just a brief moment is all it took, completely unaware I was to just about to experience a totally life changing experience most people refer to as ‘near death’. In my opinion I did die but when this happens to the unsuspecting you certainly are not issued with an instruction manual, just an incredible experience and profound memories that in most cases may change your life.
Waking up that day, I felt quite well and had no idea of the events about to occur. Fortunately, a decision to make a visit to my family is what I believed helped to save my life; otherwise I may not be here today to tell you my story.

Later that morning, I recall starting to feel tired and nauseous with significant pains throughout my body especially around my chest. A loud ringing sound and hazy vision were the only two senses I had before sudden darkness hit and I passed out; my near death experience had just begun.

I was in total darkness, totally confused with the events and my surroundings; I wasn’t scared I was too busy trying to work out what next. I did notice other small illuminations of light at a far distance perhaps they were other souls experiencing a similar situation to mine. Now, I was no longer suffering any physical pain and there was no feeling of gravity, I had an exaggerated sense of freedom.

Without notice I started to travel at incredible speeds so fast that light started to stretch and bend through various levels similar to a rainbow yet there were hundreds of variations of each colour. As I passed through these spectrums of colour, I actually experienced what each colour was felt like. In the far distance a brilliant white, blue light was becoming brighter, it seemed as I was traveling towards it till I eventually entered the light, Suddenly I stopped the sense of travel and movement had disappeared.

I felt that I had arrived at a destination but I was unsure of why and what this place was. At this stage I started to feel that something significant was happening to me and I was no longer was in my body. I had noticed a thin silver, blue cord from my being stretching as far as the eye could see .Looking around me I noticed a field with long grass that I could see through, river streams with glowing water, flowers that represented trumpets, mountains and a tall tree the largest I have ever seen. An incredible white light was all around me but I could not find its source, it seemed that the light came from all around me and all the objects I could see, I looked down and noticed that I had no feet and was floating above the ground. Without the sense of gravity or pain I was in a total sense of freedom and bliss. A flower that resembled a trumpet caught my attention as the petals had a translucent see-through glow of various colours that resembled red, blue and green. I felt an incredible sense of peace and as one with my surroundings I wasn’t observing this picture I was part of it, almost like a sense of déjà vuI. A strange feeling come over me similar to arriving back home after a long trip and you can finally take your shoes of sit and relax on the lounge.

Without notice I felt a voice say “you are not meant to be here yet” I didn’t hear it, I felt it, like a voiceless voice. This voice came from within me but was separate from my conscious thinking. I was spooked by this feeling like a small child being caught with his hand in the cookie jar for the first time I panicked and started to travel back to my body, this time the travel seemed much shorter and woke up inside my body. People around me were shouting instructions from emergency operators on the phone and relaying information on their arrival “ first ambulance is now 6 minutes to your location” I heard my family members shout . The pain I was suffering was indescribable, I couldn’t breathe gasping for air, yet I only stayed for a brief moment in my body before I commenced on my out of body journey again.

I arrived once again back in the same field but this time the journey seemed faster, upon my arrival I asked if “could I stay for a while?” I didn’t say my request out load I simply thought it, I hadn’t even finished asking before I sensed it was OK to do so; the response came in a form of a smile, but I felt it. Like the way someone special makes you feel when they smile at you. With permission granted to stay, I began to explore my surroundings. I started to realise that this was my home and I didn’t want to return to my body, there was no need I was totally happy where I was. I felt the presence of two energies in front of me; none had a shape that could be described. It was like meeting an old friend and words were not needed. The feeling of happiness and being safe was overpowering, it was so comforting being in their presence. A conversation started between the three of us, but not a single word was spoken. I realised that they were my spirit guides that have been with me many times before and had just taken the opportunity to drop in and say hello.

They sensed that I didn’t want to return, I was having too much fun after all I had been away for some time and it was nice to be home. Despite this, I knew I couldn’t stay, like a contract I had agreed to sometime before that no matter what I had to fill. Before I started on my journey back something remarkable happened, no doubt enticed by my surroundings and my discovery of some old friends. I had just realized that I was in a spirit form part of a greater consciousness. It was like an awakening or an understanding, possibly like a computer program ready to start and someone just pushed enter. I realised that I was in some kind of spirit form, free of the limitations that I always thought I had. The sense of feeling part of the whole, that all of us are linked we are all part of one consciousness that never dies we just simply change form experiencing many different situations. Like a giant jigsaw puzzle, we are all trying to work out were we fit in, recreating ourselves based on who and what we think we are; understanding that we all contribute to the overall picture called ‘life’. I finally realised that all of my actions in life are not judged by a greater source, but viewed by me based on how and what actions I make towards myself and others. The most incredible thing of all was understanding that all this information was with me all the time, I just needed a Jolt. We can communicate with spirit, it’s easy they are always there, they never leave, and the challenge is to remember we can.

I remember the words “it’s time for you to go back” as they gently picked me up and returned me to my body, ever so gently. Awakening suddenly and taking my first breath in nearly 11 minutes with Paramedics monitoring my progress I was rushed to hospital. I did manage to pass out several times in the ambulance on the way to hospital this time I didn’t leave my body, after all twice in one day was enough. After several days I was finally diagnosed with Toxic Shock Syndrome due to ingested bacteria called Streptococci. Many people that suffer toxic shock to the level that I did don’t recover, in fact over 83% are recorded as a fatality or at best suffer from long term health disorders. After several months of rigid testing I was lucky enough to walk away with my health as normal plus one incredible experience that changed my life. I remember one week before my event I was continuously asking for guidance and seeking an understanding for my life’s path, I certainly didn’t expect that I would have such a profound experience to get the answer!

I don’t believe that the place I visited was my final destination in the spirit world or possible a place that some might call heaven, but just a temporary stopping place, may be similar to a road house in the spirit world, a place to freshen up before continuing on your journey. In my case it was possibly an awakening zone, somewhere that reminded me of who and what we all are, incredible spirit beings having a human experience.

In the Arms of an Angel

Many of us believe in Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides, and that we are provided with a guide in a spirit form to help us in numerous ways throughout our lives. For many years, despite having an open mind, I could not visualise or connect with my own guide.
It took a near death experience, where I was clinically dead for almost 11 minutes to finally meet my own Spirit Guides.

During these 11 minutes of ‘death’, I was in total amazement with the pure beauty of where I ‘travelled’ to, an incredible feeling of weightlessness, vast array of colours, the total sense of peace and a strong sense of being part of a total consciousness which I can only describe as being ‘home’. I was in total awe with whom and what I had become or perhaps who I truly was, I was starting to realise the true magnificence of the soul.

I was too busy exploring my new surroundings and experiencing a total sense of joy, after all it had being some time since I was here last and I needed to familiarise myself with my new surroundings. I felt a presence just to my right, curious I approached what I would describe two shapeless energy forms, a total sense of friendship and happiness surrounded me like seeing an old friend once more, someone that I knew from a long time ago, the voiceless voice I had heard so many times before. Then I realised who they are, my own spirit guides had come to say hello. Numerous conversations took place without one word spoken, images and feelings were used as the communication platform, which strangely allowed for more complex and sophisticated messages to be conveyed than simple words could achieve. This exchange with my spirit guides was truly life changing allowing me to understand a complete new perspective of life and the mystical journeys that lay ahead. It revealed to me that we are never alone and just a thought is what connects us to our own Spirit Guardians.

A guardian source provides us with insights and understandings through feelings and intuition, helping us to make that ‘right decision’ and giving us the courage to understand who we truly are. These guardians are never doing the work for us but simply walking the path with us like a tour guide in a foreign country pointing out the best locations to visit and continuously reminding us of our journey and who we are, an incredible being on a mystical journey called life.

It took a near death experience to ‘wake me up’ but I now understand that it’s our own thoughts and beliefs that hold us back connecting to a greater source, the Guardian energy that all of us share. All it takes is an open mind and a willing heart.

Soul Tribes which one are you?

We are all individual souls on our own journey of life, expressing and experiencing what life has to offer, but surely there must be other people on a similar journey. As each incarnation commences we have a pre-set concept of what we would want to experience and based on the current opportunities on this planet other souls will also like to take a similar opportunity to us based on their own journey. There are so many varied experiences available at the moment, we have a large amount of souls all wanting to join in and share the journey of life. Similar to when we were at school we all had friends and even though we belonged to a group we didn’t always get on with all the people in the same class.

There are 3 main groups of souls, “The Fixers” “The Doers” “The Healers” all 3 groups are important on this planet based on our structure of society, things just wouldn’t work the same if nobody fixed things, or any one did things, or anyone healed things. Each category of this group is vital. It is possible that during our life we might swap from category to category till we find out which one suit us best, but our overriding feeling will always be aligned to one category. How do we know which category we are currently in?

“The Fixers” will always be on the look out to fix things that seem to them that are broken regardless if they are working or not, will always try to help other people to fix their life, will have a garage full of things that are not working or a wardrobe full of clothes that they don’t want to dispose of, will have a strong opinion, will normally be part of a charity or social groups, will only associate with other “fixers”, typically not have friends just people they know and be well educated with a broad level of knowledge. We would be in significant trouble as a planet without “The fixers” This category represents about 40% of the population.

“The Doers” will always have lots of things on the go, have a large group of friends, will always be doing something regardless of its importance, go to sleep late, be opinionated, great organizers, normally tell other people what to do and will always justify their course to suit their reality. The perfect job for a doer is one that allows total control, has authority, ability to self-plan and requires a lot of commitment. Things just wouldn’t get done in life without “The Doers” This category represents about 40% of the population.

“The healers” will always be the compassionate ones, always wanting to help, be softly spoken, always walk away from a fight, have a strong interest in the Metapsychical, always consider the needs of others before their own needs, deny their own ability’s, will probably try to be a doer or fixer in life till they realize that it is not them. Have sleepless nights, wake up during sleep hours, speak through their hearts, and be attracted to animals and small children. The world needs healers without them we would not survive. This category represents about 20% of the population. It is important to understand that each category is important and our world needs all three.

It is also possible to be a part of the three category’s above, but the overriding energy will never change. You can be a doer in life trying to fix things, or a fixer trying to heal things or perhaps a healer doing lots of things that need fixing. Regardless we all have one overriding signature and eventually we will find out which one we are. For the record most of you that are reading this are Healers having a healthy interest in the metapsychical world!

Is there really a heaven and hell when we die?

Over thousands of years we have been told of a special place we return to in the afterlife called heaven only if we have lived a positive and fruitful life if not we will be destined for a place called hell.

I have always believed in life’s continuum without ending or beginning but rather than returning to a destination we revert back to our true being, our spirit self.

Our true metaphysical self (Our Soul) cannot be seen in the physical world consisting of energy but rather representing itself in matter as a human form. This human form has the ability to choose numerous events and situations. If we create our direct world with things that don’t represent who our soul is or who we are we might feel that we are experiencing hell, not allowing ourselves the freedom and expression that our soul yearns for feeling expressing a feeling of sadness and despair this in turn creates a lower heavier type of energy. We might call this feeling like we are in Hell.

By selecting events and situations that best represent who we are allows us the freedom of expression, doing the things that we like creating an expression of happiness and joy. This expression has a much higher energy resonating at a frequency similar to that of your soul, some people might call that feeling like you are in heaven. In spirit there are no emotions, pain, resentment or anger but only one true resonation of the energy called love.
The objective of the soul is to represent itself in the physical. We will always have choices in life that we select through ideas, thoughts, and understandings more importantly feelings, the purpose of life is to redefine ourselves as the best representation of who we are.

We all have certainly has some big challenges ahead of us; the fragile environment, global climate change, money markets issues, over-population, depletion of natural resources, scarcity of food for the future – all of these are manmade and ultimately up to us to resolve. We can do this through a universal process called evolution through the expression of the soul and aligning ourselves to the four main aspects of who we truly are compassion, empathy respect and love.

Ultimately there is no place called hell but it is our yearning and passion that is programmed into all of us to create heaven right here on Earth by expressing at the highest level the 4 most feelings and emotions Compassion, Empathy, Respect and Love. After all we are all spirit souls experiencing life, Let us hope that society does not get in the way of Humanity.