Over thousands of years we have been told of a special place we return to in the afterlife called heaven only if we have lived a positive and fruitful life if not we will be destined for a place called hell.

I have always believed in life’s continuum without ending or beginning but rather than returning to a destination we revert back to our true being, our spirit self.

Our true metaphysical self (Our Soul) cannot be seen in the physical world consisting of energy but rather representing itself in matter as a human form. This human form has the ability to choose numerous events and situations. If we create our direct world with things that don’t represent who our soul is or who we are we might feel that we are experiencing hell, not allowing ourselves the freedom and expression that our soul yearns for feeling expressing a feeling of sadness and despair this in turn creates a lower heavier type of energy. We might call this feeling like we are in Hell.

By selecting events and situations that best represent who we are allows us the freedom of expression, doing the things that we like creating an expression of happiness and joy. This expression has a much higher energy resonating at a frequency similar to that of your soul, some people might call that feeling like you are in heaven. In spirit there are no emotions, pain, resentment or anger but only one true resonation of the energy called love.
The objective of the soul is to represent itself in the physical. We will always have choices in life that we select through ideas, thoughts, and understandings more importantly feelings, the purpose of life is to redefine ourselves as the best representation of who we are.

We all have certainly has some big challenges ahead of us; the fragile environment, global climate change, money markets issues, over-population, depletion of natural resources, scarcity of food for the future – all of these are manmade and ultimately up to us to resolve. We can do this through a universal process called evolution through the expression of the soul and aligning ourselves to the four main aspects of who we truly are compassion, empathy respect and love.

Ultimately there is no place called hell but it is our yearning and passion that is programmed into all of us to create heaven right here on Earth by expressing at the highest level the 4 most feelings and emotions Compassion, Empathy, Respect and Love. After all we are all spirit souls experiencing life, Let us hope that society does not get in the way of Humanity.

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