Sometimes during your life journey you might become confused or unsure of direction searching for answers to the questions you have about relationships, family, work and life. The objective of having a Physic reading is to gain clarity overall through understanding of the metaphysical world, your soul journey and your current situation allowing you to make the changes you desire and feel great about the way forward in your life. Spirit communication with loved ones passed is also part of the reading process and even though no guarantee is made with connecting with a particular soul in spirit, we promise to try our best. Always appreciate all connections made in spirit.

The more understanding we have of any situation, the clearer the choices become allowing us to maximize our decisions and selecting the best possible outcome.

  • Are you in a place in your life where you need direction?
  • Do you have questions about your life’s journey but not the answers?
  • Are you feeling stuck in life?
  • Are you experiencing repetitive behaviors and feel you are on a merry- go-round?
  • Are you seeking the truth about yourself?

Through understanding comes knowledge, through knowledge comes wisdom and through wisdom comes empowerment!

How Does a Reading Work?


David utilizes his metaphysical ability’s to accurately share specific information and guidance  during your reading. He prefers that you do not provide any personal detail prior to your reading but rather honestly answer the specific details he shares with you to confirm the information is correct this way you can rest assured that the information is accurate and not coming from you! During the first 10 minutes of your reading David will give you specific information of your current life situation this process is important as it helps to identify your individual energy allowing clearer information to be shared throughout your reading. David can relay visual information in the form of pictures, letters, names, places and by interpreting this information is able to guide you with specific instances relating to your life. Since David does not require any psychic tools like cards to accurately preform your reading it is Ideal that only 1 person be present during a full reading to maintain the quality of the information shared.

David is a Psychic Medium using his unique abilities to relay messages from souls that have returned to Spirit. The readings are deeply compelling and provide information with startling accuracy. No information is required prior to your reading, the relevant souls in spirit are the ones that make contact with the medium and even though he cannot promise a specific connection his utmost best is guaranteed, appreciate all connections made with loved ones in spirit.

Over the years, many people have seen David seeking clarity, feeling lost or confused with their life or simply trying to understand and seek answers. After a reading it is usual to feel uplifted about a particular situation, inspired and have a new positive outlook. You are welcome to take notes. David is available for private and group readings, public speaking, spirit coaching and Skype or phone consultations. In person readings are held on the south side of Brisbane. You will also have the ability to ask follow up questions up to 48 hours after a reading, should you not be happy with the level of quality in your reading in the first 15 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled and any money paid will be refunded.

A medium is an individual that can communicate with souls that have returned to spirit. They are a conduit for information relayed from souls in spirit.

Code of ethics

Please note that David does not provide outcomes for Health or death. David will try his utmost best but there are no  guarantees that a connection with a particular person that has passed will be made this process is left to souls in spirit. Please appreciate any connections made during your reading. 

Readings performed by David Richard are to be used as guidance and suggestion only; they are not to be taken as a confirmed source or finite direction for your life’s path. At no stage can we guarantee outcomes or can we take the place of professional advice. Readings should be used in conjunction with your own thoughts, beliefs and professional advice sought if needed. Your own intuition and feelings should always be used when making decisions. We suggest that 25 years is the minimum age for a reading. All Readings are preformed one on one and are for personal use only, information provided during readings should not be used in public forums or with a third party. All readings are for entertainment purposes only. If you or someone you know is having difficulty coping or may be at risk of suicide contact Lifeline 13 11 14, Beyond Blue 1300 22 46 36, or Salvo Care Line 1300 36 36 22.


How to get the most Information from your Reading

To maximise the information during the reading its best to have an open mind on the process not have a fixed perception on how the information will be shared Prior to the reading jot down your questions on a piece of paper or make a mental note, Normally your questions will be answered prior to asking them and should there be any questions still unanswered you will have the opportunity to ask them towards the end of your reading. You will also have the ability to ask follow up questions in the following 2 days of your readings via email.

Turning up for a reading just for fun or curiosity  normally produces a poor result, make sure you have a purpose and a reason behind your booking.

David is a psychic analyst, reading psychic energy and does not require the use of any reading material like cards, he is also a spirit medium and requires no information about your loved ones as they are the ones to make contact during your reading. Even though he cannot promise a specific connection in spirit his utmost best is guaranteed, appreciate all connections made with loved ones.

On the day of your reading we suggest that no alcohol be consumed, do not be under the influence strong medication or drugs. We also recommend that the suggested minimum age for a reading is 25 years of age.

Appreciate all spirit communication during your reading and most of all relax and enjoy the reading process never force the information out, trust the process.

Cost of Psychic and Mediumship Readings (Please do not pay for a reading till we have confirmed your booking date)

Skype and Phone readings

This reading is for international, interstate people. Readings over Skype do not require a live picture modem for communication. Prior to your reading just email a current picture of yourself. We can ring your home phone number or contact you on Skype. All Skype readings are preformed via Audio link only.
Cost of phone or skype reading $125.00

Duration is normally between 45- 60 Minutes
Payment is made via website prior to your reading

In Person Reading

In person readings are commonly performed in Brisbane on the south side. Address will be forward to you upon your confirmation of booking
Cost of in person reading $150

Duration is normally  60  minutes some readings may go longer
Payment is made via website prior to your appointment or in person on the day of the readings.