I believe that I was led to find David Richard as the person to facilitate a promise I had made to a departed sister, prior to their passing.

David didn’t know anything of me, or of my promise, yet was able to make a strong connection to departed family members, and a friend. What was amazing was the accuracy of the information, to validate it was them. At all times I felt that I was in a safe environment and able to find comfort and even some humour and love in the messages passing from them, during the experience. He passed on some unusual messages that wouldn’t have meant anything to anyone else, but were absolutely spot on with their meaning to me. It covered everything. I think we were both rather exhausted by the time the communication ended and even then, it didn’t stop. Over the course of the following 5 days, more and more validations became evident. I don’t need any proof that our lives in spirit continue, but if I did, David’s reading would have provided it! I think that my words cannot fully convey my gratitude to you. I don’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of trustworthy psychic. Thank you again David.
Del Brisbane



I just want to say THANKYOU for another amazing reading yesterday! I truly cannot describe the relief and happiness it has brought to me. Your accuracy, insight and advice were just amazing. I’ve had readings before but none of them come close to what you provide, your abilities are second-to-none. The reading covered EVERYTHING I wanted to know, without me saying a word – which is why, when it came to question time, I had nothing to ask.

It was the most positive and inspiring experience – and exactly what I needed. So from the bottom of my heart – THANKYOU.
Kari- Ann Victoria



My father passed over some years ago and I was never able to make contact with him through the many psychic mediums I had seen since his passing. David not only picked up on the fact that he had passed; he clearly stated my father’s name. When he said my father’s name I was floored, I couldn’t believe it; after the experiences I’d had with other psychic mediums I wasn’t expecting anything so precise. My father communicated to me through David for much of the appointment. He told me things I was longing to hear which gave me much needed closure and understanding David communicated facts, things that no one could possibly know.

I can’t help but feel that my words aren’t truly describing the experience. I am no longer a “girl in the world without my father”, I know that he is around me all of the time. I know the direction I need to head in with my career, and I have a clearer understanding of my purpose. If you are fortunate enough to secure an appointment with David, consider yourself blessed. I will be eternally grateful to have met him. He is a wonderful person with a beautiful gift.
Donna Brisbane



I was going through a difficult season in my life. I felt stuck. I wasn’t feeling fulfilled by anything and felt I could use some guidance. David is a very kind person and demonstrated a Strong level of ethics and professionalism. Unlike other Psychic readings, David tunes into spirit guides using his own abilities instead of cards and charts. He starts off his readings by making sure he’s picked up your energy and he was on spot on through the entire reading.

David was right about numerous things and I won’t be at all surprised to find other details he’s mentioned to pop up along the way. In addition to his accuracy, he helped to reveal areas in my life that needed awarness. David really shed much-needed light on aspects that I didn’t realize were issues. I’m grateful that I sought David’s counsel. I’m in a better place as my perspective has shifted in a positive way. David is very warm and provided so much during my time with him. I highly recommend scheduling a reading with David. He is absolutely wonderful!
Diane From Hawaii



I just wanted to say a big heartfelt Thank You for the reading today.
Not only are you an expert in your field but a true professional. Your accuracy and detail is second to none and your information and clarity of certain events is astounding.After our meeting today, I have a much clearer perspective and outlook on my life and the journey ahead. You were able to clearly define and confirm certain life events and details that no one but myself would know.
It is always a relief to know that when you get to that point in your life where you are not sure which way to turn and you start to doubt yourself and your actions that there are people such as yourself that can offer some guidance and direction.

It is clear that you have a strong connection with Spirit and enjoy what you do. It’s not often that I use the services of a Psychic Medium as I like to rely on my intuition but I can honestly say I was impressed and quite pleasantly surprised with the connections you made.
Alana Queensland



Thank you so much David for such a wonderful and insightful reading I recently had over the phone with you. I really appreciate your time and effort and I would highly recommend you to anyone. You are caring, understanding and very professional but at the same time I felt like we have been friends forever. You are a truly gifted psychic medium. I have had readings with other psychic mediums before and you David are definitely “the real deal!” You made a connection with my Mum who passed away at a relatively young age and I cannot express the peace and healing that it brought to me. The messages from my Mum were spot on, nonstop validation and the questions I wanted to ask I didn’t have to because you told me everything I had hoped to hear. My heart is still smiling. It was the most joyful and unique experience. Your reading was very accurate and amazing. Still amazed how accurate you were with names, dates and special moments I had with my Mum that no one else could have known. Other information you gave me helped me realise the importance of my journey. I know this is a memory I will always carry with me and hold dearly. Thank you again David.
Kindest Regards, Simone. Australia.



I had an amazing reading with David today. All the information he gave me was mind blowingly accurate and extensive. So valuable to me for my personal development and my grieving process soon after a loved one had passed. I didn’t need to ask any questions at the end as he had answered all of them. David truly is a gifted & extremely talented psychic/medium with a generous spirit. My reading has given me and my family such comfort and Peace.
I would certainly recommend David.
Liz Brisbane



We all have different reasons to seek out the assistance of a Psychic, I can only talk from my own experience, but right from the moment I meet David you get the sense of someone who is very welcoming and genuine. David calmly eases you into the session with a wonderful atmosphere and an explanation on how he normally works… then it’s on. Together we bandied around the messages he was providing, checking and delving into old memories and then suddenly David comes out with a random moment in my life that was so strange I only discussed it with one close friend. At the time I felt the moment was significant somehow and I found myself looking up possible meanings… Three weeks later during the reading David just describes it to me in exact detail.. I nearly fell out of the chair… I clung to every word he said after that. It was a wow moment. It makes me smile now because of what it means. Thanks so much David, I can only say there is only one explanation…. you are everything they say you are.
Michelle Brisbane



I wanted to say a really heartfelt thank you for my reading last night. I’m still totally reeling from what we talked about and very emotional about connecting with my mum so clearly. You were right- I didn’t sleep a wink last night!

Your gifts are truly remarkable and this was, hands down, THE most clear and meaningful reading I’ve ever experienced. You have a BIG NEW FAN.
Angela Sydney



I had a reading via Skype voice with David as I am in England and I have to say I wasn’t sure it would work but work it did. The reading had tears rolling down my face and spirits came through that I never expected but welcomed with my heart. The accuracy of David’s words was spine tingling, as he couldn’t have known the things he spoke about especially as I am on the other side of the world. David also made me aware that my spirit guide wanted to be acknowledged more and was going to show me he was around by doing something to get my attention within 3 days of the reading like breaking a mirror or making a picture fall off the wall. Imagine the smile I had on my face when that very night validation happened as the picture above my bed came off the wall and slid behind the headboard at 2.40am whilst I was sleeping.

Thank you David for an amazing reading, for giving me my “sparkle” back and showing me the light at the end of the tunnel.
Dianna London



I just wanted to say a huge thank you for last night. I cannot express how much it meant to me to finally meet someone who was true. The things you told me were amazing and I am stunned that you were able to come up with a name of my friend’s wife instantly. Thank you so much again. You are wonderful.
Katherine Brisbane



Hello David, thank you so much for the inspiring reading. I’m still over-whelmed with the energy 😉 thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience with me.
Bright moon Brisbane



As an extremely practical person, I have always been hopeful and simultaneously doubtful about the benefits of spiritual, psychic or metaphysical readings and guidance. My reading with David was unlike anything I had experienced before I had my doubts about whether the session would work over Skype but I was blown away… There is no way David could have known the intricate details about me, my ancestors and my life without genuine spiritual assistance. He helped me answer questions I had been grappling with for years regarding where I should move, (he even knew when my current lease was up), whether I should pursue my business ideas, and offered a detailed description of my future partner (a prediction I’m hoping will come true sooner than later). Perhaps the most striking part of the reading was that I didn’t have to say anything. David was having a conversation with spirit and everything I needed to know was revealed through that conversation including communication from family members who have passed on. Forget about the trial and error of sifting through Psychics who may or may not possess a true gift. David is the real deal. His friendly, personable and thorough readings were far better than anything I have found in the past and I have been to a great many healers and psychics in my travels. Highly recommended.
Nicole Chicago USA



My reading with David was amazing! I left feeling hopeful and happy about my future, loved (the energy I felt during the reading was wonderful), and a little exhausted… which was definitely in a good way. I couldn’t wait to get home and pass on messages to family members and see their reactions to how specific and accurate the information was – my mother was reduced to tears (of joy) by messages from her father, who had passed away when she was very young. Thank you so much David!
Tamara Brisbane



David I am grateful for my recent personal reading with you. I was amazed at how accurate and specific the information was that was coming through. You are a very genuine and caring soul and I found it comforting to have this confirmation that our guides are assisting us on our life’s journey.
Jenny Brisbane



I came to see David with the hope of contacting a loved one who had passed, my expectations were surpassed in the information provided, in fact it was jaw dropping. The level of detail and information provided to me by David was truly unbelievable. The reading went for such a long time and I can’t thank David enough for the connection he provided and the information and communications he shared with me.

This experience has provided me with such a level of comfort and peace. It has left a resounding knowledge that although loved ones pass in spirit they are most definitely still around you.
Thank you so much David.
Kind regards
Kim Brisbane

Thank you so much for the reading David, I felt very much at ease throughout, you are a truly an honest & genuine person. During my reading you validated a lot of personal things no one could have known , I was happy to have two family members come through one which you named, this is nothing less than amazing. I have been going to psychics for many years looking for answers & guidance , I can honestly say you are the real deal. I was absolutely blown away by your talents David & have been recommending you to my friends. You are a wonderful person & have a beautiful soul , thank you so much I feel a lot lighter & brighter , with a clearer direction of where I am going & what I am doing.
Brooke Brisbane



I just wanted to say thank you so very much David for my reading last night, I truly enjoyed listening to your wisdom, knowledge and guidance towards my spiritual journey. You are an extremely kind, compassionate, loving and inspiring person and I am grateful for spending the time spirit gave to us.

Thank you
Laura Jane Brisbane



I was not referred to David, rather I did a google search and liked David’s website. Without a referral from a trusted friend, I was a little sceptical so I attended the reading only half expecting it to be accurate or helpful. Boy was I wrong!

What I desperately needed was reassurance that I was on the right path. I didn’t want to know too much about my past, as that was in my past and I was in a big hurry to move on. I really wanted to know about my future and what it held for me. David made me feel comfortable from the moment we met and he conducted the reading calmly and sensitively and with a great sense of humour. David did discuss my past, but only in relation to how it was holding me back from fully experiencing my future. And yes, he was astoundingly accurate in terms of what had been happening in my life – even to the point of knowing people’s names!

David does not just tell you about past events and what is in store for you in your future. That would be too simplistic. David gives you tools to use to understand your past in order for you to fully move into your future. I went into the reading not wanting to know too much about other people in my life, I just wanted to know about me and what my future held for me. David understood that while past events and people close to you matter, it is you who is most important. So the whole reading is all about you and what it is, or has been, happening in your life and how those things can affect your future. David’s reading was intensely accurate, sensitively delivered and most importantly, explained in a way that helps you understand how it is that you can create your own future.

I went to the reading feeling lost and unsure that the path I was on was right and not sure that the future held what I truly wanted. I came out of the reading feeling ready to take on the world. David gave me the courage to speak up and to take charge of my life again and most importantly, to believe in myself. I can’t recommend David highly enough. Not only does he deliver unbelievable information from spirit, he encourages you to make the best of you.

Thanks David
Kym Brisbane



I was encouraged to come to David by a friend, who I might add was experiencing a similar situation in their life as I was. Direction, clarity, peace, contentment & relaxation were hard to come by.

Uncertainly and a desire to move forward with clarity and meaning was what I was seeking. I had not had a reading down for a long time so I was sceptical as I wanted to know what I needed to do to move forward. I did not need to know about my past, I had been there and wanted to move on.

David was immediately aware of why I was visiting him, he knew my visit was about me and what I wanted. He provided me with peace, assurance and direction as to where my future laid. He was most accurate in relation to a number of things that were impacting on my life at this time, as well as being equally reassuring in term of what lay ahead of me in terms of career, love and life in general.
In a very short space of time things that David said to me had occurred.

I cannot thank him enough for the peace of mind, consideration, thoughtfulness and accuracy in what he told me about me. He linked me back with those that have been trying to guide me, made me more aware of what I needed to do to continually seek the answers I needed via my guide and other spirits around me.

David has also continued to relay to me spiritual guidance and I cannot thank him enough for his presence, compassion and the tools he has given me in moving forward I will have no hesitation in visiting David again or talking about my experience with him, to friends. For someone that had never met me before, I was amazed at how in touch with me he was. Thanks David, you know how much I appreciate what you have given me.
Rob Brisbane



Today I had the privilege to be in the presence of a truly gifted and wonderful Psychic Medium David Richard . I went into the reading in two minds. The first, thinking I was going to waste my money on someone telling me general things about me and my past to prove credibility and then waffle on about what might happen . The second, a clear mind full of hope and questions I needed answered ( not wanted) but needed answered , putting it out there to spirit to tell me what I needed to know to give me clarity and vision into what I am going through .

It is with certainty I received the answers that I was seeking, with incredible accuracy and without prompting in any way ( I even questioned and asked for more proof) and received further confirmation with mind numbing preciseness . I received specific Names of people in my life and in spirit, Words can’t really do my experience justice.

I am a better person in mind , body and spirit for seeing David. I wish you and everyone else the same . Just leave some appointments for me in the future !

It is with heart felt respect,honor and privilege that I have received a reading from you.
Thank You David !
Darryl Brisbane



David, thank you for a great reading. I was inspired and in awe from the time I sat down and you began talking to me with the messages from spirit. I had many questions in my mind and was a little confused as to what direction I was heading. After the wonderful reading with you, everything became much clearer and I have new directions. You have a gift. David you are warm, caring and sincere.
Thank you again.
Ian Brisbane



Let me start by saying thank you so so much for my reading on Monday night. You are a great communicator and very easy to listen to with a terrific sense of humour. Will definitely highly recommend you to anyone who chooses to have a reading.
Emma Brisbane



The reading was more than I expected. The information was profound but delivered so gently. Each day I am able to absorb and process more of the information which is allowing me to change my perspective and find a place of warmth and peace. Thank you David.
Andrea Brisbane



Thank you David for being open and being able to hear what I could not with your ability to give Spirit a voice. Together you both when straight to the heart of the matter, without any guidance from me. You have given hope and assurance on matters that at the time, I could not see a way through. Thank you for your sensitive and professional approach. You have a gift.
Elizabeth:) Brisbane



David, thank you for a wonderful inspiring reading! I was amazed at how quickly you were able to deliver messages from spirit and in such a natural and genuine way. I was confused with my direction before coming to see you. It is now much clearer to me those initial steps I am now taking with the tools provided to me. Three days later and I am already noticing some refreshing changes.
Karen Queensland



David provided so much valuable and accurate information to me during my reading and communicated it in such a way that it was easy to understand and apply it to my life and where I am at present. David is a warm and friendly communicator, he uses humour and compassion in his readings and genuinely cares about his clients. I think David’s ability is an amazing one to have the privilege of connecting with.
Thanks again.
Shayne Brisbane



Thank you so much for the reading yesterday – it really helped me feel at peace with the path that I’m on and the decisions I’ve made up to this point. it was pretty amazing to hear you answer all my questions without me having to say anything. Thank you again for the reading – I am already putting the tools into place that spirit gave me.
Trisha Brisbane



I have received readings from David Richard and found him to be excellent professional and accurate. At no time did he make false claims and only provided information through spirit. He did not elaborate on that information or make decisions on my behalf. His reading was excellent.
Amanda Queensland



I have been very impressed with the professionalism shown by David Richard during the readings over several years. He starts off the sessions professionally by telling me what he has to offer and is very ethical in the use of his talents. The information that comes through during the readings has been amazing and could only have been done by accessing his gifts.

I am a credited executive coach and believe what David Richard does complement the work that I do with clients.
Judy Queensland



I have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to have multiple readings by David Richard over the past several years. He is fantastic.

I have always found him to be very professional, sensitive and accurate in the delivery of information. He has been able to provide many verification points, to validate the various spirits present. Coupled with a high level of accuracy in the forecasting of events to come. His abilities are amazing.
Meredith Queensland



Thank you David for the remarkable reading that you have provided me, the information from my departed relatives and spirit was truly amazing. The specifics were outstanding Its renewed my faith in spirit.. Thank you and may god bless you.
Josephine Queensland



I personally met David Richard in 2004 during my travel in Australia, . I was very impressed from his very reserved behaviour, few words but friendly and deep. During my stay in Australia, David had several messages for me from spirit. I’m a catholic priest and I have been ordered as a priest only few days ago during my visit to Australia . David reminded me of some urgent priorities about my car (the insurance was about to end) and my mission as a priest, especially from the spiritual point of view. I was not concentrating during my first Holy Mass and he told me to have more care for this. Some months ago I was sick from my hard work in my parishes and David, by phone, told me about a book that I had in my room and to turn to a page from this book which could help me. I saw the page and I found exactly what I needed for that period, always from spirits words. Another sensitive person told me , in Italy, something like this which confirmed what David told me. It’s important to remark that David could not have know details about me and my problems or could have know the books in my room as I live in Italy and he lives in Australia and has never visited my church or residence
Father David Italy



We were very impressed with the remarkable reading that David gave us. Every issue had a positive outcome his accuracy is amazing , considering we live on the other side of the world, and we have never met him made the reading all the more astounding.
Jennifer UK